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Soul Arms

Soul Arms is a side-scrolling action RPG in which you take on the role of Styrr, a legendary hero resurrected from the dead by the Order of Aesir.

Move left: Left arrow key
Move right: Right arrow key
Back dash: Up arrow key
Crouch/Pick up items: Down arrow key
Attack: A key
Jump: S key
Equip skill: E key
Use skill: D key
Shadow steps: Space+Left or Right arrow key
Soul burst: Z key
Soul blast: X key
Items: Number keys
Pause menu: P key During event: Press Space to advance dialogue, press Enter to skip scene.

You learn a new skill every time you level up, so when you level up remember to check the pause menu for your new skill. Mouse over the items to view their descriptions. Beat the game once to unlock survival mode. Beat the game once to unlock the summon (item #4).
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